December 10, 2011

Fun Shoots

"Killers Kill, Dead Men Die": PART 2

Kirsten Dunst (as the Heiress), Bruce Willis (as the Gumshoe),
James McAvoy (as the Shutterbug)

Rinko Kikuchi (as the Queenpin), Abigail Breslin (as the Orphan),
Bill Nighy (as the Preacher), Penelope Cruz (as the Songbird),
Ben Affleck (as the Shamus)

Edward Norton (as the Undercover Cop), Kate Winslet
(as the Undercover Lady Cop), Robert De Niro (as the Rocketeer),
Jennifer Connelly (as the Informant), Helen Mirren (as the Aristocrat),
Julianne Moore (as the Mystery Woman)

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