December 9, 2011

Did You Know...

... the title of Miss Golden Globe is historically given to a child of a celebrity.

Laura Dern was Miss Golden Globe in 1983 (she's the daughter of actors Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd). She then won her very own Globe in 1993 (Best Actress (tv movie) - "Afterburn")... and again in 2009 (Best Actress (tv movie) - "Recount").

Melanie Griffith was Miss Golden Globe in 1976 (she's the daughter of actors Tippi Hedren and Peter Griffith). She won a Globe in 1989 (Best Actress (film) - "Working Girl").

Anne Archer was Miss Golden Globe in 1972 (she's the daughter of actors Marjorie Lord and John Archer). She was nominated for Best Actress (film) - "Fatal Attraction" in 1988 and won a special Globe for Best Ensemble - "Short Cuts" in 1994.

Joely Fisher was Miss Golden Globe in 1993 (she's the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actor Connie Stevens). She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress (tv) - "Ellen" in 1998.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. was Mr. Golden Globe in 1997 (he is the son of comedian/actor Freddie Prinze).

Other notables: Actors Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), Lorraine Nicholson (daughter of Jack Nicholson), and Dakota Johnson (daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith - making her a 2nd generation Miss Golden Globe).

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