September 22, 2011

Best Dressed - 2011 Emmy Awards

The trends of the evening were... stunning reds, elegant creams, and brilliant blues. It was so fourth of July up in here!

Best Overall Look:

Sofia Vergara (#1 best look of the night. Sexy Sofia was perfect in a flowing salmon-colored gown. Perfect hair, perfect dress, perfect jewels... or as she would say 'yewels'), Kerry Washington (loved this look. Her hair was sleek and the dress was gorgeous and slightly see-through in just the right places),

Kate Winslet (she's used to be on the best dressed list and this year was no different. The Emmy winner had the right color and cut for her slammin' body), Emily Blunt (looking very fabulous in this flapper-esq gown)

Best Dress:

Nina Dobrev (not sure exactly who this person is yet, but the dress boosts a beautiful silhouette and color), Sarah Hyland (the hair highlights are ughhh, but the dress is very goddess-like and sweet),

Evan Rachel Wood (love the black sequins and the cut of this gown), Christine Baranski (this looks a lot like Winslet's dress, but the deep blue is gorgeous. Definitely the best over-50 look of the night... hell, she even got best over-40)

Best Hair:

Julie Bowen (I like a good ponytail and Emmy winner Bowen is doing this one pretty well), Christina Hendricks (although she is still stuffing her body into too-small dresses, the hair always looks fierce), Gwyneth Paltrow (she was doing the white-blonde thing for awhile, but obviously someone told her it looked like shit. Love the simple, straight, down-do)

Worst Overall Look:

Heidi Klum and Seal (these two have been giving Tim Burton/Helena Bonham Carter a run for their money for years. It's cheap carnations meets Euro-trash), Taraji P. Henson (I'm very upset that she did this... she's usually on the best dressed list. Her hair looks as though it was done in the car and the dress is ill-fitting and see-through in the worst way)

Worst Dress:

Gwyneth Paltrow (critics seemed to love this look, but it makes the rail-thin Paltrow look like a muffin-top. She could have loosened it just a tad), Dianna Agron (it looks like she took a ton of ugly blue satin fabric and cut holes for her head and arms)

Worst Hair:

Heather Morris (this up-do is horrendous... this isn't prom 1999), Anna Paquin (this might have worked with jeans and a cute top, but for the Emmys? Me no likey), Elisabeth Moss (I thought I asked Moss to lay off the football helmets)

Honorable Mention:

Katie Holmes (I'm not in love with the fabric... or her hair, but the cut and color are doing her long, lean body good), Kristen Wiig (the cut is great on her and doing a brown dress with her beautiful chestnut hair is good, but I don't dig the two-toned look),

Claire Danes (a lot of critics didn't like this look. They think there's too much going on. I actually think it works), Lea Michele (she would have made best overall, but this dress is far better from the back... the front is too much)

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