April 2, 2011

Skip It

Director: Fred Wolf
Actors: Anna Faris, Emma Stone, Beverly D'Angelo, Kat Dennings, Colin Hanks, Monet Mazur, Rumer Willis, Katharine McPhee, Christopher McDonald, Hugh Hefner
Year: 2008

Although I love Anna Faris... and Emma Stone is super cute, this movie did not cut it. First off, I'm not sure what Faris is thinking, but the fake boobs and plastic face she's been sporting in the last few years are NOT attractive. Why couldn't she stay the same? She was the fun, cute, pretty, hilarious girl (from "Smiley Face" "Lost in Translation", and "Scary Movie") that we all liked. Secondly, the script is ridiculously dumb. I couldn't find any funny parts and this is a freaking... comedy. I might have giggled at the scene where Faris repeats names in an Exorcist-like voice, but I already saw that in every damn trailer. I am still cringing thinking about the horrible performance by unknown Dana Goodman, who plays awkwardly man-ish Carrie Mae. What was the director thinking? I'd say pull it WAY back, Goodman. Ughhh. On a small positive note, it was the first time we really got to see up-and-comer Rumer Willis (Bruce and Demi's eldest) and she was decent (but what a way to start your career). If you are looking for a funny sorority flick, Netflix "Legally Blonde" or "Pumpkin". Stay away from this hot mess.

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