April 20, 2011

Double Take

Rising star Emma Stone seems to be moving into former 'It' girl, Lindsay Lohan's space. Lohan has been out of the game for awhile (we all know why) and Stone is quickly becoming the girl to watch.

*** Emma Stone is best known for her roles in "Superbad", "Easy A", "Zombieland", and will be taking over the role of Gwen Stacy in the new "Spiderman" film. Lindsay Lohan was best known for her roles in "The Parent Trap", "Freaky Friday", and "Mean Girls".


  1. mmm thats a stretch

  2. I'm not talking about personality or even acting ability. They do look alike though.

  3. Anonymous12/13/2010

    Ok - here's kinda a random one that you'll appreciate. James Cromwell and Donald Moffat. I always used to mix them up and they both played presidents in Jack Ryan movies. Tell me they don't look alike!

  4. Julia Ormond and Hallie Kate Eisenberg Could be mother & daughter.

  5. Christine baranski in Chicago and Carol burnett in her prime.


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