February 8, 2012

Best Dressed - Actress Oscar Winners

(ordered by year)

Vivien Leigh - Best Actress
for "Gone with the Wind", 1940
designer: Irene Gibbons

Greer Garson - Best Actress
for "Mrs. Miniver, 1943

Olivia de Havilland - Best Actress
for "The Heiress", 1950

Audrey Hepburn - Best Actress
for "Roman Holiday", 1954
designer: Givenchy

Donna Reed - Best Supporting Actress
for "From Here to Eternity", 1954

Grace Kelly - Best Actress
for "The Country Girl", 1955
designer: Edith Head

Simone Signoret - Best Actress
for "Room at the Top", 1960

Elizabeth Taylor - Best Actress
for "BUtterfield 8", 1961
designer: Christian Dior

Shirley Jones - Best Supporting Actress
for "Elmer Gantry", 1961

Julie Andrews - Best Actress
for "Mary Poppins", 1965

Julie Christie - Best Actress
for "Darling", 1966
designer: Don Bessant

Ruth Gordon - Best Supporting Actress
for "Rosemary's Baby", 1969

Cloris Leachman - Best Supporting Actress
for "The Last Picture Show", 1972

Mercedes Ruehl - Best Supporting Actress
for "The Fisher King", 1992
designer: Valentino

Marisa Tomei - Best Supporting Actress
for "My Cousin Vinny", 1993

Mira Sorvino - Best Supporting Actress
for "Mighty Aphrodite", 1996

Julia Roberts - Best Actress
for "Erin Brockovich", 2001
designer: Valentino

Halle Berry - Best Actress
for "Monster's Ball", 2002
designer: Elie Saab

Hilary Swank - Best Actress
for "Million Dollar Baby", 2005
designer: Guy Laroche

Helen Mirren - Best Actress
for "The Queen", 2007
designer: Christian Lacroix

Marion Cotillard - Best Actress
for "La Vie en Rose", 2008
designer: Jean Paul Gaultier

Lupita Nyong'o - Best Supporting Actress
for "12 Years a Slave", 2014
designer: Prada

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  1. Most beautiful actress: Vivien Leigh


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