December 14, 2011


Film: "Bad Teacher"
Character: Scott Delacorte
Year: 2011

Don't get me wrong. He wasn't terrible, but Justin Timberlake didn't do the role of 'Scott Delacorte' justice. There was a lot of potential for some great humorous scenes, but Timberlake fell short. It seems to me that Justin thinks he is a lot funnier than he actually is (he may have assumed this after the success of the "Dick in a Box" skit from SNL. He co-wrote it and did a great job, but Andy Samberg's performance really stood out). He's trying to go the character actor route, as opposed to leading man. Honestly, he's not really suited for either one. He doesn't possess the comedic timing of... say... Jason Segel (who played 'Russell' in the film) and he isn't really leading man material either. All and all, I'd say Timberlake is an average actor (not bad, but not really good). He should go back to making fabulous music.

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