July 23, 2011

Family Ties

The Fonda family is one of Hollywood's biggest dynasties. Former patriarch Henry Fonda spawned two acting kids, two-time Oscar nominee Peter Fonda and two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda. It doesn't stop there. Peter is the father of actor Bridget Fonda and Jane is the mother of actor Troy Garity.

***Henry Fonda is best known for his work in "Grapes of Wrath", "12 Angry Men", and his Oscar-winning performance in "On Golden Pond". Peter Fonda has starred in "Easy Rider" and "Ulee's Gold". Jane Fonda is the star of "Barbarella", "Georgia Rule", and "Klute". Bridget Fonda is best known for "Point of No Return", "A Simple Plan", and "Lake Placid". Troy Garity has appeared in "Bandits", "Barbershop", and "My One and Only".

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