August 9, 2011

Performance of the Day

Film: "A League of Their Own"
Character: Mae
Year: 1992

Madonna's performance in 1992's "A League of Their Own" is really good (which is rare for the megastar). Madonna took on the role of Mae, a former dance hall girl, who gets a place on one of four women's baseball teams during WWII. Madonna is witty, funny, and surprisingly comfortable in this part.

**Apparently, Madonna hated making this film. Check out the letter (scroll down) she wrote to a friend while on set. It sure looked like she was having fun.

"Dear Steven

For some reason I thought you were angry with me – because I finked out as a judge at the “Love Ball”? Because I’m still nice to Herb Ritts?? Because my hair is the wrong color? I hope you will forgive me for all of the above. Because I cannot suffer any more than I have in the past month learning how to play baseball with a bunch of girls (yuk) in Chicago (double yuk) I have a tan, I am dirty all day and I hardly ever wear make-up. Penny Marshall is Lavern – Geena Davis is a Barbie doll and when God decided where the beautiful men were going to live in the world, he did not choose Chicago. I have made a few friends but they are athletes, not actresses. I hate actresses, they have nothing on the house of extravaganza. I wish I could come to N.Y and visit. Are you having a good Summer? Saw the piece in the N.Y Times Magazine. Great!! – I would love to do this book thing with you so lets talk soon.


Love Dita"

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