January 30, 2011

Best Dressed - 2011 SAG Awards

Creams, pinks, and lace seemed to be the themes of the night. We saw a bit of bright, vibrant color and a lot of form-fitting . Here are the looks we loved... and hated at the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Natalie Portman (looks lovely sporting a beautiful white gown, perfect hair, and baby bump), Lea Michele (takes the prize for #1 Best Look of the Night in a fabulous sparkling gown and fun, messy 'do), Angie Harmon (although it's been done before, she looks gorgeous... especially her elegant ponytail)


Winona Ryder (she knows how to make a comeback in this fierce, cream-colored gown), Susan Sarandon (the purple in her dress goes great with her red hair), Sofia Vergara (knows exactly how to dress her body and the color is stunning)

Julianna Margulies (looks lovely in red), Annette Bening (a Greek-goddess gown that looks great on her)


Mila Kunis (best down 'do)

Amy Adams (best up 'do)


Nicole Kidman (I'm not sure what she was going for, but Kidman has really been dropping the ball in terms of red carpet looks), Helena Bonham Carter (and the Queen of Horrid takes her place on the worst list), Jennifer Lawrence (this might have worked if the left shoulder straps were removed, the black belt bow was gone, and the color was toned down a bit)

Dianna Agron (the hair is terrible and the dress doesn't work on her at all), Christina Hendricks (it's a robe made of curtains), January Jones (the #1 worst look of the night. I don't know what you were sipping when you picked this out, Jones)


Hailee Steinfeld (you're new at this, so we will give you a pass, but please don't ever come looking like a box of Crayolas again), Mila Kunis (I understand what she was trying to do, but I think she got the bottom of the gown caught in a blender on her way out the door)

Jayma Mays (hideous cut and bad color for her skin tone), Jane Lynch (why? Did you lose a bet?), Jenna Fischer (is that made out of sweatpants material?)


Eva Longoria (she's such a tiny person. She should avoid big 'dos), Annette Bening (I would love for her to come to one awards show this season with her hair brushed), Winona Ryder (she did so well on the dress. I figured crazy Winona would rear her ugly head)


Mariska Hargitay (she's looking great. Would have made best overall look, but the cut of the dress is a little boring), Hilary Swank (the dress is great and the hair is fierce... I'm just not sure if they go together), Claire Danes (she looks just like January Jones in this pic. I'm not in love with the belt, but the dress is awesome)

Betty White (Best look over 80. Betty certainly knows that blue is her color. I love the jacket too. She's is one rockin' 89-year-old)

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  1. Anonymous2/01/2011

    I hate admitting that Lea Michele looked so good! She's a heinous b in life.


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