February 20, 2013

SNL at the Oscars

"Saturday Night Live" has been a comedic and American staple for more than 35 years. Almost since it's inception, cast-members and alumni have made leaps to the big screen. SNL has churned out a slew of movie stars and some have even made it to Hollywood's biggest night. Here's a look at the few "Saturday Night Live" alum who've been nominated for an Oscar. 

Dan Aykroyd
Best Supporting Actor Nominee, 1990
"Driving Miss Daisy"
SNL: 1975-1979

Bill Murray
Best Actor Nominee, 2004
"Lost in Translation"
SNL: 1977-1980

Eddie Murphy
Best Supporting Actor Nominee, 2007
SNL: 1980-1984

Robert Downey, Jr.
Best Actor Nominee, 1993
Best Supporting Actor Nominee, 2009
"Tropic Thunder"
SNL: 1985-1986

Joan Cusack
Best Supporting Actress Nominee, 1989
"Working Girl"
Best Supporting Actress Nominee, 1998
"In & Out"
SNL: 1985-1986

Kristen Wiig
Best Screenplay Nominee, 2012
SNL: 2005-2012

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