April 29, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday!

Happy 53rd Birthday, Michelle Pfeiffer!!!!!

looking great in her 50s

dancing with costar Al Pacino on the set of "Scarface", 1983

showing that big hair can still be beautiful on the
set of "Married to the Mob", 1988

trying to sing for the second time in her career on
the set of "The Fabulous Baker Boys", 1989

with Michael Keaton on the set of "Batman Returns", 1992

reunited with Al Pacino on one of my favorite
Pfeiffer films, "Frankie and Johnny", 1991

channeling her inner bad-ass on the set of "Dangerous Minds", 1995

looking for the spirit that haunts her with costar
Diana Scarwid on the set of "What Lies Beneath", 2000

trying out that voice for the third time on the set of "Hairspray", 2007

with her daughter, publicist, son, and husband David E. Kelly
at the premiere of "Hairspray", 2007


  1. Anonymous4/29/2011

    Happy Birthday Michelle and thanks for mentioning Frankie And Johnny Bep, that's one of my favourites too!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. F&J, my all-time favorite! For the record, Michelle has a great singing voice ^^


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