May 14, 2011


Film: "Elf"
Character: Jovie
Year: 2003

I'm not sure who's idea it was to make sarcastic, odd-ball Zooey Deschanel a love interest of Will Ferrell, but bad choice you. Deschanel is a very... particular kind of actor. She... well, to put it nicely, always plays herself. It worked in "Almost Famous" and "500 Days of Summer", but this casting decision was not good. Many people have cited the age difference as the reason, but I think that if they had developed some chemistry, it wouldn't have mattered (also Will is 13 years older than Zooey, which in Hollywood standards makes them the same age). It was hard to watch her awkward behavior around hilarious Ferrell. I felt like she didn't really know how to be. Ferrell is so crazy and kooky that they needed to cast a 'straight woman' for the part of Jovie.

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