April 13, 2011

Performance of the Day

Show: "Weeds"
Character: Celia Hodes
Year: 2005-2009

Three-time Emmy nominee Elizabeth Perkins is phenomenal as liquor-loving, chain-smoking, mega-bitch Celia Hodes in Showtime's terrific show, "Weeds". Overly judgmental and snotty, Celia has done her share of bad things (dumping $150,000 worth of pot into a pool, replacing her daughter's chocolate bars with ex-lax chocolate, and shaving her husband's head). We also loved how crazy her life became (she went to prison, worked at Foot Locker, and was kidnapped and beaten in Mexico by her resentful daughter). Although she has since left "Weeds", Celia (and Perkins) will be remembered as a major part of a great show.

1 comment:

  1. I looooooove Celia Hodes!!! I love when she is in prison with the black lip-liner and braids!!!


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