April 3, 2011

Double Take

Now tell me that Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin don't look exactly alike! Goodwin can do a guest spot on "House" as Morrison's twin sister... or Morrison could guest star on "Big Love" as Goodwin's long-lost sister who doesn't approve of bigotry. That would be fun.

***Jennifer Morrison has starred in "Stir of Echoes", "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and is most known for her role as Dr. Cameron in Fox's long-running show "House MD". Ginnifer Goodwin has starred in "Mona Lisa Smile", "He's Just Not That Into You", "Walk the Line", and is most known for her work as third wife Margene in the controversial show "Big Love".


  1. Anonymous12/01/2010

    Love the new background!



  2. Anonymous12/13/2010

    I used to mix them up all the time before they were more famous!


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